about us

Established in 2003, A-Star Tuition Centre was created with the sole purpose of providing a friendly yet productive centre of excellence for learning. Our expert tutors cater for all levels of academic ability and teach core subjects at every level of education in UK.
As a leading provider of private tuition in primary and secondary education, we pride ourselves in achieving excellent results. See testimonials from Pupils and Parents

Mission Statement

  • Customer Satisfaction, Achievement and Excellent results are the cornerstone of our business mission.
  • Customer satisfaction through effective tuition and small group classes.
  • Secure Student achievement through regular class revision and challenging homework.
  • Engaging Parents in monitoring their child’s progress.
  • Rewarding Parents and Pupils for promoting A-Star Tuition as a centre of excellence.

Five Reasons to Choose A-Star Tuition Centre:

  • Quality and Difference:
    A-Star Tuition Centre is Student focused. We work for the client (the pupils and not the tutors).

  • Selectivity:
    A-Star tutors are CRB registered and are employed based on their experience in the industry subject to fulfilling A-star tuition Centre screening criteria.

  • Experience and Specialisation:
    Our private tutors specialise at the level you require from school entry and Common Entrance through to GCSE and A-Level.

  • Flexibility:
    A-star Tuition Centre can provide tailored service based on the requirement of the client (the Parent).

  • Distance learning:
    We can provide Distance Learning for a fraction of our normal tuition fee.


Message from: Mr Farhan Ahmad in a local newspaper called ‘Ealing Leader’, April 14th, 2005

 “I have enjoyed my tutoring so far as Mr Anghaei explains everything properly and knows methods and formulas which I have never been taught at school. 

If anyone is serious about learning I would definitely recommend it here as it’ll prove really useful for their exams.”

Message from: Mrs Marianne Harvey, March 8th, 2006

 “Fleur has now completed her tuition with the “A-Star Tuition Centre”.  Her teacher has complemented her on the progress which she has made and I am writing to you to thank you very much.

Fleur is a lot more relaxed about mathematics and I am sure that it will put her in good stead for her GCSE.

Please accept my thanks and Fleur’s for what has been a very positive experience.”

Message from: Shayan Ashjaei, October 9th, 2009

"I am very pleased to inform you that the "A Star Tuition Centre" has assisted me tremendously in A-level maths. I am very happy with my results as I have achieved 90/100 in C1, 88/100 in C2.

I have to admit, "A Star Tuition Centre" is a very cosy and comfortable environment, with an admirable teacher who has a really good sense of humour, which make the class more enjoyable for students and possibly make students look forward to attending and paying more attention.

Mr Hossein Anghaei has the ability to connect with students in such a way that allows him to present memorable lessons. Overall I recommend anyone to join this centre and confidently achieve amazing result."

Message from: ALISON AND CHRISTIAN BIDAULT, May 14th, 2010

"My husband, myself and my daughter Daisy would like to thank you for all your efforts and care in coaching her in Maths in preparation for her Year 10 entrance exam for Nothing Hill & Ealing School. She went from badly failing the maths component on first attempt (15%, and a warning from the Head of Deparment that she would not be able to cope) to passing with flying colours with comment from the same HoD 'excellent student, shows great potential, a pleasure to mark a good paper.'

We know Daisy had aptitude and that the problem lay partially in the fact that the French lycee she attended followed a different curriculum. This meant that she had to learn a whole curriculum in six months -and retain it- and this is what your excellent teaching achieved. What is more, she really enjoyed it, even though the lessons were on a Friday evening.

So you did a wonderful job and we hope that the coaching you are currently giving our son Matt in his Core 4 Maths A-level will prove to bear similar fruit.."

Message from: Mrs. Kowalske, August 2012

"Thanks to Mr Anghaei, he has helped improve my daughter’s mathematical skills and problem solving abilities tremendously in a short period of time; Maths used to be her weakest subject. Her confidence has plummeted and she is now, one of the ‘clever students’. Thank you! "

Message from: Mr. S. Chiswell, March 2013

"I am most grateful for the attention paid to my Godson during his tutorials; he has regained his confidence, enjoys learning topics ahead of his class and has once again fallen in love with all his subjects, in particular mathematics, as Mr Anghaei makes every session enjoyable; he is praised for getting things right but when he makes mistakes, Mr Anghaei makes it his priority to explain and teach alternative methods, until he understands with confidence."

Message from: Mrs. Amiri, March 2013

"We had decided to send Sara for tuition classes after her school report stated she was struggling in maths. A Star Tuition centre was recommended by a friend who had also sent her daughter for extra classes. Sara is now in the top set for her maths class and is enjoying the lessons thoroughly. Thank you Mr Anghaei for helping her reach her full potential."

Message from: William Taylor (Vyners School), 22 August 2013

"Hello Mr. Anghaei, I received my GCSE results this morning, and I am proud to say that I achieved an A in maths. Thank you very much for your help and tuition for making this possible. You were a huge help and have given me some life lessons as well (The tips on shaking hands was some of the best advice)."

Message from: Mrs. Al-Javad, September 2013

"A-Star Tuition Centre has proved instrumental to our son’s education. We felt for a long time that despite our son’s hard work at school, it was not reflected in his grades; at which point we enlisted the help of A-Star Tuition Centre. From the very start the team showed dedication in his learning; identifying his weaknesses in English and Maths in order to create a bespoke learning path for his education. He very much enjoyed his weekly classes, growing more and more in his understanding and confidence in the subjects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Anghaei and his wonderful team, for all the support they gave our son which helped him to achieve his fantastic GCSE results! We now look forward to returning in the new term for tuition for his A-level subjects."

Message from: Asal, Aug 19, 2014

"Hi Mr. Anghaei, Iím very well thank you, I got accepted to kings! I was going to email you soon! I got a B in chemistry with an overall UMS of 474."

Message from: Iman Rafiq, August 15, 2014

"Hello! Hope you're having a great summer. I received my results yesterday and I got an A in maths! Thank you so much for all your help, you were an amazing tutor."

Message from: Daisy Bidault, August 15, 2014

"Hi Mr Anghaie!!! I'm emailing you to tell you that I GOT AN A IN MY MATHS A-LEVEL!!!!!!!

I actually could not believe it for one second when I opened my letter!!! It is all down to you-thank you so so so much for all of your help and I know that you are going to say that it is because I am a hard-worker but you made me into one. So I have you to thank for that!!!

The result for each module was :
C1: 91,
C3: 92,
C4: 79,
(and M1: 63...)

But that means that if I'd gotten higher in the C4, I could probably have gotten an A* which is kind of super annoying!!!!

In conclusion, it's a good ending to a tough couple of years during which you helped me so much!! So thanks for motivating me and pushing me!"

Message from: Caspian, August 23, 2014

"I would like to massively thank you for all the personal work you put in to make sure that I would achieve the grade I deserved and that is something priceless to me.

Thank you very much for all your help and I really hope to see you in the future."

Message from: Susana Raffel, Aug 19, 2014

"Yes, we are happy with his results, AAA He also has a place at his first choice, Bristol to do Civil Engineering. His UMS points are for Maths 525 and for Physics 493 (Believe he missed the last question in one of the maths C papers, may have cost him his A*). Very happy with his A in physics as his school teacher thought that was out of reach.

I did mention to him that it would be nice for you to know his results as believe you gave him the confidence and belief in himself that he could achieve it. Really appreciate your support and interest in him. "

Message from: Clare, August 25, 2014

"Archie got an A in his Maths GCSE. Thank you so much for your help in his achievement. I am sure that without your tuition he would not have progressed from the C grade he got in his mock exam.

Archie would like to continue his tuition with you as he studies for his A level."